So, here is how to ensure you are ordering the proper shirt size. Take your favorite fitting shirt and a ruler and measure it across the chest. Compare it to these Camera Monster Tee's, which I have laundered and shrunken down to the fullest. 

The Unisex Graphic Tee's run about ΒΌ size smaller than a normal shirt. Measure across the chest just under the armpit while the shirt is lying on a flat surface. This is the primary fit measurement. 

The Lady's Tee's (coming soon in 2019)are designed to be worn fitted, so it is recommended that when measuring your favorite shirt at home, that you avoid flowy or loose fitting garments for comparison. Measure a fitted shirt and expect these Camera Monster V-Necks to be worn fitted.  

Cool Weather Gear
The Lady's Raglan Pullover sizes are as follows
Small = 0-6
Medium = 4-10
Large = 8-14
Choose size based on how fitted or flowy you would prefer the pullover to be.  

The Pullover Hoodies are super simple to size up. They run exactly one size smaller than your normal shirt size. Example: If you wear a medium tee, you will fit perfectly in a large hoodie. 

Graphic Tee's (Unisex)


Lady's V-Necks